What makes this cotton so special?

Delicately softer and safer

The muslin cotbed sheets we make for you are from the finest certified organic cotton. This isn’t just because of the green credentials but also because it’s a premium quality, more durable and gentler on your baby’s tender skin when you lay them down to sleep.

Organic cotton is grown free from any nasty chemicals (such as fertilisers or pesticides). Because of this it retains more of it’s natural wax which makes it much smoother and softer than a non-organic.

Helps regulate temperature

Cotton muslin has been trusted for generations to comfort and care for babies. The breathable nature of muslin helps keep your babys temperature regular all year round – neither too hot or too cold. In the summer months they stay cool, in the winter months they stay warm.

The light open weave structure of muslin has also been known to reduce the risk of SIDS.

How to care:

The more you wash your swaddle blankets, the softer they will become over time. We recommend to gently machine wash on a temperature of 40c or lower and line dry naturally or tumble dry on a low setting.


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